Nixie Tube Clock

Remote Tube Nixie Clock Kit. For Artists and Designers

Remote Tube Nixie Clock Kit. For Artists and Designers

Remote Tube Nixie Clock Kit. For Artists and Designers    Remote Tube Nixie Clock Kit. For Artists and Designers
REMOTE-TUBE NIXIE TUBE CLOCK KIT. SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR REMOTELY WIRED TUBES Incorporates GPS/DCF/MSF Synchronisation Options. The finished clock PCB after you have assembled it, ready for wiring up the tubes...... And with tubes attached (IN-8 in this case). This kit has been specially designed for creators, artists and designers, who wish to incorporate a Nixie Clock into their designs and products. The tubes are wired remotely from the PCB, so the tubes can go pretty much anywhere - limited only by your imagination! The kit will drive all standard nixie tubes (not biquinary types). Anode resistors are provided for a typical mid-sized tube requiring 2-3mA per segment. The kit has been tested with tubes as large as Z566M /ZM1040. Diagrammatic representation of how the tubes are wired up to the PCB.

Besides this unique feature of catering for remote-tubes, the kit boasts all the features of our current 2011 range clock kits. Hours, Minutes and Seconds display. 12 or 24 hour modes. Alarm clock feature with programmable snooze (6,9,12 or 15 minutes). Programmable auto display of date at end of minute.

Uses a Crystal Oscillator as the timebase. Optional DCF / MSF / GPS Synchronisation with status indicator LED.

Supercapacitor time backup for short power interruptions. Simple time setting using two buttons. Calendar function has full leap year calculation up to 2099. Maintains time during setup mode, eg. When changing between Standard Time and Daylight Savings Time. Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely set the time. Programmable night time mode - tubes blanked or dimmed to extend tube life / prevent sleep disturbance. Separate modes for colon neons during night time mode.

Fading digit mode or standard change of digits. Slot Machine' cathode poisoning prevention routine.

All user preferences stored to non-volatile flash memory. Useful tube-test routine on cold startup. Night mode override with 1 button press. LED backlights can be permanently disabled in software if you prefer, or not installed.

No difficult Surface Mount Components. Tubes NOT INCLUDED with this kit - supply your own tubes. PCB Dimensions 6.3" X 2.2" (160mm X 55mm).

Compatible with our NEW Micro GPS time synchronisation receiver. All electronic components are provided, including: All transistors, resistors, capacitors, ICs, diodes Double sided, plated - through - hole PCB with red solder resist. Fully pre-programmed PIC microcontroller, with socket Piezo alarm sounder. The kit is supported by a 30 page fully detailed assembly and user guide. The assembly instructions include many detailed photos, and step - by - step instructions for building, testing and using the clock. The kit uses all through - hole components so there are no difficult surface mount devices to handle. I will do the same for you.

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Remote Tube Nixie Clock Kit. For Artists and Designers    Remote Tube Nixie Clock Kit. For Artists and Designers